Dental Cleaning (dental hygiene) in ETOBICOKE

Teeth cleaning or dental cleaning (scaling) provided by our dental hygienists at Fifth St. Dental in Etobicoke is the most common means of preventative dental care. Dental hygienists remove excess dental plaque or calculus (tartar) that forms above and below the gums due to continual bacterial build-up. Teeth cleaning is a highly effective common procedure that is recommend as the first step in superior oral care.

The removal of plaque, calculus deposits and stains from above and below the gum lines to help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease.

Plaque is bacteria that continuously accumulates on the surfaces of your teeth. This type of bacteria utilizes sugars from the food you eat throughout the day, potentially causing serious damage to the teeth and surrounding structures. If this plaque is not removed, over time the plaque will absorb minerals from your saliva, forming what is called calculus. Calculus cannot be removed at home. It can only be properly removed by teeth cleaning or scaling with your dentist or dental hygienist.

Gum disease, which starts with built-up plaque, can advance quickly if not adequately removed.  As plaque moves further down the tooth, it can destroy the supporting bone in your jaw, damage ligaments which hold teeth in place, expose the soft root structures which are more susceptible to cavities (dental caries) and can ultimately lead to advanced decay and tooth loss.

Our professional hygienists at Fifth St. Dental in Etobicoke look forward to providing quality and compassionate dental care for individuals and families alike.

Professional teeth cleaning for adults are recommended every three to four months to maintain healthy gums and a healthy smile.

With proper home care and adult supervision, children can maintain healthy gums for up to 6 months.

Once greeted by our dental hygienists, you will be welcomed into our operatory where a thorough medical history will be evaluated.  Once your dental exam is complete and your dental cleaning has commenced, our hygienist will utilize specialized tools know as scalers to remove bacterial deposits. Ultrasonic scalers may also be utilized for a more thorough cleaning and can be used to either assist with the removal of large deposits or fine tip ultrasonic scalers for detailed or precision scaling. Ultrasonic scalers use an elliptical motion to disturb and dislodge deposits without damaging them. The complexity and length of a dental cleaning will depend on the amount of tartar build-up underneath the gums and the length of time since your last dental cleaning. With these factors in mind, there are times when multiple dental cleanings are required to properly remove these destructive bacterial deposits. Cleaning appointments may potentially be broken into multiple appointments to focus on individual quadrants in the mouth separately.

At Fifth St. Dental in Etobicoke, our hygiene team employ the highest standards of quality dental care using our best practices model. We thrive on creating a comfortable and professional environment while ensuring your teeth and gums are looking their best. Book your dental cleaning today!

Professional Teeth Whitening In ETOBICOKE

Nothing makes a bigger or faster impression than your smile. In fact, a beautiful, bright smile can be your biggest asset. It can affect how you feel about yourself — and how others perceive you. And, research shows that when you feel good about your smile, you are more likely to feel confident, positive and even younger! At Fifth St Dental in Etobicoke, we are pleased to offer our patients the Venus White Max in-office teeth whitening system.

There are a number of causes for stained teeth, and at least as many remedies for brightening them. A good rule to remember for food stained teeth is that anything that will leave a stain on a white tee shirt will also stain your teeth. This means that some perfectly healthy foods will discolor teeth, such as blueberries, black berries and beets. Dark sodas, coffee, teas, red wines and fruit drinks are also culprits. These particular teeth stains develop slowly and become more noticeable as we age.

Does this mean you should avoid these foods all together? Not necessarily! You should still enjoy your favourite foods but in moderation. To avoid stains, you can drink with a straw, brush and floss daily, rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash, get your teeth professionally cleaned a few times a year and most importantly don’t use tobacco.

At Fifth St. Dental, in Etobicoke, we are pleased to provide our patients with Venus White Max. Venus White is an in-office teeth whitening system designed for optimal whitening results with patient comfort in mind. Infused with potassium nitrate to help decrease the sensitivity at times associated with teeth whitening, the formulation works in 15-minute treatment interval depending on the desired teeth whitening effect. The efficient Venus White Max accelerates patients’ whitening in about an hour.

Prior to treatment, there will be a consultation where we will outline the exact procedure.  Our dentist or dental hygienist will provide all relevant details for pre and post whitening procedures for in-office teeth whitening.  On or about 2-3 days prior to treatment day, a deep cleaning (prophylaxis) will be performed to rid the teeth of any debris and plaque. Once the teeth cleaning is complete, a protective barrier (soft light cured gel) will be applied to the gums to protect from the whitening agent. The teeth whitening gel containing potassium nitrate, which helps decrease sensitivity associated with whitening, will be applied to the tooth surface in 15 minute intervals for up to one hour.

The same external factors that caused the discoloration in the first place can quickly work their way back onto the teeth.  For this reason, the dentist and dental hygienists recommend flossing once a day, thorough home cleaning twice a day, regular dental cleanings (3-4 times per year) and an occasional retreatment with Venus White Max.

Dental cavities (caries) and Fillings in ETOBICOKE

Most people need at least one tooth filling in their lifetime. Dental fillings are most commonly used to treat cavities, but they’re also used to repair cracked or broken teeth, or teeth that have been worn down over time.

Dental caries (cavities) are the most common form of oral disease known to man, and the process of getting dental caries is called tooth decay.

Tooth decay is the destruction of your tooth enamel — the hard, outer layer of your teeth. This issue can affect children, teens and adults. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, is constantly forming on your teeth. When you eat or drink foods or beverages containing sugars, the bacteria in plaque produce acids that attack tooth enamel. The stickiness of the plaque keeps these acids in contact with your teeth, and over time the enamel can break down.

Fillings help restore teeth damaged by decay back to their normal function, and can prevent further decay. Your dentist will consider a number of factors when choosing which type of filling material is best for you. These factors include the extent of the repair, where in your mouth the filling is needed and the cost. At Fifth St Dental in Etobicoke, our dedicated team will ensure to provide a thorough assessment of dental decay and provide the most comprehensive and affordable treatment available.

During your routine checkup at Fifth St Dental, your dentist will use a small mirror to examine the surfaces of each tooth. Anything that looks abnormal will then be closely checked with special instruments. Your dentist may also X-ray your entire mouth or a section of it. The type of treatment you and your dentist choose will depend on the extent of damage caused by decay.

Dental X-rays are prescribed by your dentist and administered by our HARP certified clinicians in our dental office in Etobicoke. X-rays are used to assist in diagnosing dental cavities. Your dentist will review your dental x-rays with you and answer any potential inquiries that may arise. At Fifth St Dental, we pride ourselves on our superior attention to detail while assessing and diagnosing dental cavities (caries) along with other dental issues. We will continuously ensure that we provide the most educational and comprehensive restorative treatment options available.

Dental Exams and Emergency Exams in ETOBICOKE

The dental exam is the most important part of maintaining your oral health. Your dentist or hygienist at Fifth St Dental in Etobicoke can detect problems in the oral cavity that you may not see or feel. Many dental problems don’t become visible or cause pain until they are in more advanced stages. Examples include cavities, gum disease and oral cancer. Regular visits allow your dentist to find early signs of disease.

During your exam, we will also evaluate your risk of developing other oral health problems, as well as check your face, neck and mouth for abnormalities. Not only will these careful examinations allow your dentist to determine if you need any immediate work done, it will also help us determine if you are showing any signs of serious medical problems, such as oral cancers, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or joint problems.

Your oral health is of utmost important to us! Contact us quickly to book your dental exam.

What To Expect During a routine DENTAL VISIT

At your routine dental visit, if your health status has changed, make sure to tell your dentist or dental hygienist. Information will be recorded and any pending issues will be addressed.

X-Rays (as prescribed by your dentist) – X-rays can diagnose problems that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as decay between the teeth, damage to jawbones, abscesses and infection, fractured teeth and cysts or tumours. Dental X- rays may only be required every year or so but are a necessity for proper a proper diagnosis.

Cleaning – a dental hygienist or dentist in Etobicoke will scrape along and below the gum line to remove built-up plaque and tartar that can cause gum disease, cavities, bad breath and other problems. Then he or she will polish and floss your teeth.

Dental Examination – your dentist or hygienist will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, looking for signs of disease or other problems. Results (if any) will be discussed and any questions or concerns that may arise can be addressed with your dentist at Fifth St Dental during your exam.

Swarovski Tooth Jewellery in ETOBICOKE

The latest craze isn’t just teeth whitening anymore, but a fashion trend that has added a new meaning to the term a “stunning smile”!

Our tooth jewelry at Fifth St Dental is genuine Swarovski Crystals that are small in diameter, have a flat back platinum surface and are applied to the tooth using safe dental materials.  Our application requires no drilling and no holes. It is completely painless, will not harm the tooth, and can be easily removed.

Simple Facts about Tooth Jewelry

  • It is non-invasive and painless.
  • Requires no extra maintenance.
  • Can be removed or replaced anytime has no effect on the tooth enamel once the jewel is removed or replaced.
  • Involves a procedure that only takes about 10 – 15 minutes and is 100% reversible.
  • Swarovski crystals are stain resistant and have a flat back platinum surface.
  • Does not obstruct regular brushing even with an electric toothbrush nor does it restrict you from visiting your dentist or dental hygienist in Etobicoke

Book your appointment now for Swarovski Crystal Tooth Jewelry. It is perfect for those who want a bit of glamour and lots of fun!

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