Students, do you ever wonder why your gums are puffy and bleed often? Why your teeth are yellowing more and more each day? Why you always have that “funny” taste in your mouth?

The answers to these questions are simple. You’re tired, you’re stressed and you probably drink too much coffee! At Fifth St Dental in Etobicoke, located 2 stop lights east of Kipling Ave on Lakeshore Blvd (just East of Humber’s Lakeshore campus) we are pleased to accept all Humber College students. We gladly accept the Ingnite (formally HSF) insurance plan and will submit electronically to your provider.  We will also work with your family insurance provider if you have alternative coverage.

There are often times when we treat students with limited or no dental insurance at all. Not to worry, our dental team in Etobicoke is please to offer a comprehensive assessment and will propose affordable options for your care. Let us take some stress out of your life so you can focus on where it’s needed most. We look forward to keeping your smile as bright as your future ahead!


Paying attention to your dental hygiene and oral health — especially your gums — may pay you back with more than a gleaming, healthy smile and manageable dental bills. It may keep your heart healthy too.

Age in and of itself is not a dominant or sole factor in determining oral health. However, certain medical conditions, such as arthritis in the hands and fingers, may make brushing or flossing teeth difficult to impossible to perform. Drugs can also affect oral health and may make a change in your dental treatment necessary. Darkened teeth, dry mouth, root decay, gum disease, ill fitting dentures and tooth loss are some of the major issues we diagnose and treat on behalf of our senior patients.

At Fifth St Dental in Etobicoke, our trusted team of dental professionals specialize in the particular needs of our senior patients. With everything from periodontal management to denture care to basic restorative needs, our professional staff are extremely well educated in the on going needs and requirements of our vibrant seniors of today.


Running your own show means you wear many different hats. One of them is CEO of your own dental care.  With no benefits department to call the shots, the ball is in your court. If you’re looking for quality dental care along with exceptional value, Fifth St dental is the place for you. We offer comprehensive dental care at affordable rates for self-employed people like you, whether you’re single or have a family. We can help you choose a treatment plan that’s just right for you and your budget. For more extensive dental work, we offer reasonable monthly options or financing through our trusted third party providers. Book your appointment today and allow us to provide you the type of dental care you’re looking for and the peace of mind you need.







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